• Community Engagement

    With technology and data significantly impacting the field of elections, many people feel old fashion relationship building and organizational outreach are dying tactics. We at Vestige Strategies disagree. From our years of community mapping and grasstops organizing, we will show your campaign or brand exactly how to successfully engage your target community.

    Community Engagement
  • Government Relations

    With dysfunction and divisiveness controlling our politics on a local, state and nation level, engaging with government is more difficult than ever. Using relationships built over the past 10 years, Vestige Strategies consultants can achieve success for your brand.

    Government Relations
  • Public Affairs

    Vestige Strategies offers years of experience in advising and assisting political and issue campaigns. Our consultants are able to advise in a multitude of areas including campaign strategy, issue research and message development, media consulting, organizing strategy, and candidate development.

    Public Affairs

We work at the intersection between the public and institutions by building strong relationships and creating opportunities that benefit both the client and the community.